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Many manufactures and local individuals are enjoying the unique benefits that powder coating offers. Powder coating is a thin coat of "dry powder" sprayed on a metal surface held in place by static electricity then baked onto the metal surface. The powder coating experts in Cecil County are at EastCoast PowderCoat, located in North East at 97 N. Leslie Road -Buildings A & B- in the Peninsula Industrial Park, off of Rt. 272 - phone (410) 287-6200.
Powder coating is one of the most recent and exciting developments in coating technology. It has not only been found to provide excellent appearance and superior protection, but because it contains little to no volatile emissions, it is being used in more applications each day. EastCoast PowderCoat can spray a coat for your boat, put some art on your part, and add some brightness for your bike. You can powder coat almost any metal surface including entry gates, handrails, garden or patio furniture, old antique beds, motorcycle and car frames or parts. The possibilities are endless. Powder coating also reduces air pollution and is not considered a hazardous waste.
If you are looking for a clean and efficient way of restoring and protecting metal surfaces, call EastCoast PowderCoat today. They are celebrating their newly expanded showroom and coating facilities
. They will be happy to give you a great estimate and answer any questions you may have about their services. For great visuals, visit them online at www.eastcoastpowdercoating.com or stop in their showroom.

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About EastCoast PowderCoat ----

EastCoast PowderCoat is American Owned and Operated by US Army Veteran, Scott Schnell, his family, and crew. EastCoast PowderCoat has been in business since 2002.

bon-jovi picRoll with a winner-- ECPC's powder coating applications are multi-show winners, from auto to motorcycle shows along the East Coast. ECPC's services are used by famous rock-stars, cars built on Discovery Channel, Doug Keim from Discovery Channels Metric Bike Build Off, professional 1st place top-fuel Harley racers, space shuttle rocket launch equipment to the guy around the corner. Come on in an roll with the winners and go where the pro's go. (Picture courtesy of official Bon-Jovi Website)

EastCoast PowderCoat's 10,000+ square foot facility, houses a 21.5' and a 10.5' walk-in oven, onsite media blasting and two spray booths with the latest high-tech spray equipment.

ECPC offers over 2,500 different color options, textures, metallics, wrinkles, veins, iridescents, sparkles, solids, high temperature coatings for motorcycle and car pipes, mufflers, heat shields, 4-into-1 pipes and exhaust tips, at reasonable costs. We have a shop minimum of only $50., this can be a combination of parts or a single part at this rate.

Meticulous hand preparations are performed at every level of each work order. Metals requiring removal of old paint, rust or welding slag are media blasted (sandblasted), then prepared for coating. All threaded and machine fit areas are plugged and or masked off for clean edges and accurate reassembly. Each piece of metal is sprayed by hand, packaged and ready to go. We mean custom! --From a vintage bicycle restoration to refinishing rims.

Vintage bicycle restoration Refinished Bronze Racing Wheel
 Rush service is available at the following rates -- Additional 100% plus the total on orders $100. or less.  Or an additional 50% plus the total on orders over $100. or more.

Here is just a partial list of satisfied customers:

ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Sony, W.L. Gore - makers of Gore-Tex, US Army, US Veteran Affairs, BWI Airport, Delaware Park Racetrack & Slots, Johns Hopkins University, SEPTA Train Station Philadelphia (52nd St.) Metal & Neon Art for Rockville, MD Town Square Shopping Center, Art Sculpture for Deanwood Center Boys & Girls Club In Washington, DC, Fire & Rescue Companies around the world, Coast Guard, Boarder Patrol Units, Space Rockets, DuPont Family,Campbell Soup Family, FP International, Collette's Service Center, Amtrak, Romano's Macaroni Grill, Marriott Hotel & Suites, Longwood Gardens, New Jersey DOT, GM Truck Plants, DuPont, Delaware State House, GMC Trucks,Producer and members of Bon-Jovi, Doug Keim from Discovery Channel.

Servicing Areas:

Baltimore, Maryland, Washington, DC, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, and beyond with reasonable shipping options.